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BBA Interview With Jason From The MLB Blog

Over the weekend, we conducted an interview with Jason from The MLB Blog, a new Phillies blog in the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. Here’s what he had to say.

1. This is our standard first question – what are your thoughts on Eric Bruntlett?

I think he has been a viable assets for the Phillies as he can defensively play several positions. However he brings no real offensive assets to the team. After last spring training I thought he turned a new leaf as he hit about .345 with a few extra base hits. But after his underachieving regular season performance I think we have to let him go.
2. What sets your blog apart from other Phillies or baseball blogs?
I would say my knowledge of the game sets my blog apart. Most of the blogs I follow just make announcement regarding the team while my blog has some insight on the game.
3. Which of the 3rd-base candidates do you think would best fit the team? Who do you think will be at 3B next year?
Wow, I could write a short book on this subject but it depends what management wants to do. To be honest the best fit would be Chone Figgins as his on base percentage and pitches per plate appearance are far superior than Rollins. However if the Phills are not interested in moving Rollins down the lineup and hit 2nd behind Figgins, I think the next best candidate would be Mark DeRosa. He is a local guy, grew up in Jersey and went to Penn. He played over 150 innings at third base last year with no errors. I would not expect that but I guarantee he would be a fan favorite as he plays with a lot of hustle and heart and would fit in perfectly behind Werth.
4. Which of the free agents will be back next year?
Bako, Feliz, Stairs, Cairo and Myers are definitely gone. Eyre will be back if he chooses so (depends on his family). I would love to see Park come back but he and his agent still believe he can be a starter somewhere.
5. Were you surprised by any of the free agents not getting picked up?
I actually was hoping that Myers was given an offer as he can be a starter and a reliever. However for the kind of money he has made and the kind of money he is looking for I think the Phillies did not make a low ball offer as it could have been viewed as a slap in the face.
6. Which Phillie impressed you the most this season?
Scott Eyre, great clutch performances. Or perhaps Hamels poor performance was more of a surprise.
7. Who disappointed you the most?
Cole Hamels, no brainer.
8. Do you buy into the “Hamels will rebound” party or the “Trade him now!” campaign?
I would not trade him but I would not expect him to win 20 games next season. He and Lee are one of the best 1-2 punches in the game. If he develops a cutter this off-season and only uses his looping curve for strikes and not to strike people out, he will rebound just fine.
9. Rank these in order of how the Phillies most need to improve: lineup, defense, rotation, bullpen, bench.
Bullpen, Bench, Rotation, Defense, Lineup
10. Who are you most concerned about going into 2010?
The Braves. They have the best starting rotation that I have ever witnessed going into a season.
11. Predict the major awards coming out starting on Monday – Rookie of the Year, Cy Young, and MVP. Anyone who should finish high but will probably get shafted, or the underrated players you think will come out of nowhere?
Cy Young goes to Wainwright. MVP goes to Pujols. Rookie of the Year hopefully goes to Happ but I would not be surprised if he ends up in 2nd, 3rd or even 4th. You have to give props to Randy Wells, Dexter Fowler, Andrew McCutchen and Tommy Hanson. I would like to see McCutchen win if not Happ.
12. In general, who is on your Realistic Wishlist – guys the Phils both have an interest in and a realistic shot at signing?
Figgins, DeRosa or both.
13. What’s the most that you would give up for Roy Halladay?
Not even worth talking about. It is not going to happen.
Thanks again to Jason for participating in this for us, and look for us to address some of these questions ourselves before the new season starts in April.

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  1. Gotta say I love the idea of DeRosa, but not as an everyday starter… he’d be great off the bench

    Comment by Tommy | November 18, 2009 | Reply

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