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Mission Accomplished

Beardo Postcard

The wise and mighty Charlie Manuel has made the decision to put Miguel Cairo on the postseason roster and leave Eric Bruntlett at home to cry in his beard.  Now we know that Old Beardo’s not a bad guy and had some luck in the last postseason, but this was absolutely the right call by Charlie.  It’s been a long season full of a couple ups and a ton of downs for Eric Bruntlett.  His season highlights include the first game of the season, in which he went 1 for 1 and after which he was batting 1.000 and the famous unassisted triple play, which almost destroyed this blog.  Of course Bruntlett set himself up for that triple play…but every dog has its day and we’ll certainly let this one savor that day, especially because it was against the Mets.  Bruntlett might have some other season highlights that I can in no way recall, but you can view them here if you’re interested.

Now onto the bad.  Let’s look at Bruntlett’s final numbers:

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Weekend at Beardo’s

I had good fortune to get to attend two of the last 4 regular season Phillies games.  I did not however have the good fortune to see a game that mattered and thus had to suffer through not one, but TWO starts by Eric Bruntlett.

Beardo's in the cards for the day!

Beardo's in the cards for the day!

I of course was horrified to find this out considering I hate Beardo almost as much as I hate reality television. (Steve’s hate: Beardo < Reality TV < New York Mets)  The only bright side of this would be that I’d more or less get to do a live Beardcap (and I am fully aware I have not done a Beardcap in a while).  These starts were actually very important for Bruntlett as the Phillies are still in the process of choosing their postseason roster.

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World’s Finest

One of the biggest surprises in last year’s World Series was the importance of Eric Bruntlett. He hit .333 in the World Series, going 2 for 6 at the plate, scored 3 runs, scored the winning runs in games 3 and 5, and even hit a homer in game 2! He was abysmal at the plate in the regular season and really in the playoffs in general before that, but something changed in the World Series and he was actually an okay player!  Kind of!  But does he deserve a chance to repeat this feat as a member of the Phillies postseason roster?

As I’ve stated time and time again Beardo is a worthless regular season pinch hitter and an adequate at best fielder. But at the same time, you can’t deny this simple fact: The only Philadelphia team to win a championship since 1983 had Eric Bruntlett on the roster. Somehow Bruntlett positively contributed to it.

Is Bruntlett a clutch playoff performer? I doubt it. Is he magic? Possibly, he certainly looks like a dwarf with that beard of his.  Are we relying on a magic beard to deliver us another World Series title?  I can’t trust that.

The good news is that we’re not going to see much of Bruntlett in the postseason. His outfield role has been severely limited due to the acquisition of Ben Francisco.  Unless something horrible happens we won’t be seeing him in the infield.  How much can it hurt to have him on the postseason roster?  Well do you want to see Bruntlett starting if that something horrible does happen in the form of Jimmy Rollins or Chase Utley going down?  I don’t think so.

The only other option is Miguel Cairo, who I would certainly feel more comfortable with.  Sure he spent most of the year in the minors, but that’s because he doesn’t do Charlie Manuel’s laundry like the Bearded Wonder does!  Hell, I’d feel more comfortable with the pig from Green Acres playing there instead of Eric Bruntlett, so Cairo’s an upgrade over that.  But can Cairo capture the magic contained in Bruntlett?  Can he replicate that stumbling run to home plate from World Series Game 3?

Solution: Put a fake beard on Miguel Cairo.  Can’t go wrong.

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