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Hello readers. For those of you who noticed, I have been missing from To fill you in, I had gastric-bypass surgery. I am currently only allowed to eat sugar free jello and sugar free pudding. And drinking only water and diet decaf iced tea. I also get to drink protein shakes. So I am pretty much stuck chilling at home for another week as I’m not allowed to drive either.

I would like to thank Max for his expressed concern while I was in the hospital. I do apologize for my sudden disappearance from here and twitter. I am still alive though and but this up coming month will be hard for me and I may not post on here a whole lot, but here I am now.

Sitting around the house these last couple of days, I have been witnessing the Phillies post World Series loss moves. Saying adios to guys like Brett Myers and Miguel Cairo. Still trying to figure out what to do with Jamie Moyer and hopefully planning on offering Joe Blanton arbitration. But today was third baseman day. Ruban Amaro Jr. decided Pete Happy isn’t worth $5 million a year. Now there is a chance that Pedro can decide to take a pay cut for another run at a World Fucking Championship run, but its up to him to figure out if the money he would gain somewhere other than Philly is worth the value of a World Series ring.

During his two years in Philly Pedro Feliz had a batting average of .258, an OBP of .305, scored 105 runs, drove in 140 RBIs, hit 26 HRs, and had an OPS of .700. While these numbers aren’t very “wow-ing,” it was his work at 3rd base that made the Phillies one of the best fielding teams this season.

So let’s just say that Pedro decided that more money is more important another run at a ring, what do the Phillies do?

It seems that the Phillies have shown some interest in St. Louis’ Mark DeRosa. While Mark is turning 35 in February, he is a legit bat in the line-up. The great news for us here at FEB and our supporters is that DeRosa is being looked at as a great utility player, and he can play many positions on the field. Sound like a replacement for someone else we know and hate?

So if he is a utility player, then who plays 3rd? One player that has sparked my interest is Seattle’s Adrian Beltre. With a career batting average of .270 and 250 career home runs. Adrian will also be turning 35 this upcoming season and his best seasons are behind him, but he can still hold down the fort for a year or two. He also is ring hungry so joining this team could spark his talents. He’s not the glove Pedro is, but he’s not too far off. And he’s the bottom of the line-up bat that would make Uncle Charlie happy.

So while I would love to see Pedro Feliz lower his asking price a bit and come back to Philly, Adrian Beltre could be a great fit for Philadelphia.

So with this, I bid you a goodnight. For anyone who knew about my surgery and slightly worried about me, thank you. I appreciate it. Anyone can contact me at and at on twitter @TommymacWFC.


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