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Breaking News: Bruntlett Fired! (sort of)

It’s a glorious day fellow Bruntlett haters! Earlier today the Phillies announced that Eric Bruntlett would not be on the roster for the NLDS! Rejoice fellow Bruntlett haters for our time is now! Huzzah!

There is more awesome to come later but in the meantime we’d like to thank Miguel Cairo and Ben Francisco for making this all possible. You guys are pretty good, and pretty good is always better than terrible.

Happy Victory over Bruntlett Day!


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So that just happened….

39,038 can lay claim that they witnessed the greatest game in Eric Bruntlett’s career. He had 3 hits and the first game ended unnassisted triple play since the 1920’s. So the question is to be asked, is this the turning point for Eric Bruntlett?

As a Die-hard Phillies fan for the last 20 years, I’m gonna have to say no. Some of my followers on twitter and our facebook fans know that I stated that “even Adam Eaton pitched well once and awhile.”  Now, he earned his World Series ring fair and square and he made some great plays today, but after his three singles, he popped out to the infield and had a liner to center snagged for the out.

Before the game today, the Phillies placed Greg Dobbs on the DL and called up Eric Bruntlett’s eventual replacement Miguel Cairo. Cairo is a career .265 hitter with 318 career RBIs. Ciaro’s best offensive year was 2004 when he was with the New York Yankees. He batted .292 with a .703 OPS. He hit 6 HRs and 42 RBIs. In 1998 he had 28 steals with the Tampa Bay Rays. Last season he was in Seattle with Ibanez. So while he’s a traveled veteran, he has gotten the job done before.

We here at FireEricBruntlett aren’t dening the fact that Eric Bruntlett had a great offensive game today. But if we remember the only reason those two men were on base for that triple play is because Bruntlett had an error and should have had another one. So even in the best game of his career, Bruntlett let his true colors shine through. I’m glad the Phillies got the win and I’ll take it by any means necessary. Let’s just not let this one go to our heads.

As of right now, Eric Bruntlett is scheduled to start in place of SS Jimmy Rollins tomorrow. So we will see if his new found ability to hit can carry into the next day.

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