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Here we go people… at 7:30 we will be going live and chatting all the way through the end of the Phillies/Braves game. Come join us and hate on ESPN’s baseball coverage

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The world champion Braves???????

Once again FOX has gone overboard with their broadcast.

One misplay by Utley, a double error by Lidge and then a seeing eye single past Rollins, and the FOX announcers act like the Braves won the World Series. “The Braves’ never quit,” was said with rather excitement. All the sudden the Phillies lost all momentum and the Braves are the favorites in the N.L. East. I swear FOX just prays for the Phillies to lose so they don’t have to come there anymore.

I may be wrong. It might be just me, but I am so sick of FOX’s overreaction to Phillies’ losses. Let’s say that ball was grabbed by Rollins and turned into a double play, the FOX announcer would have probably just wrapped up the game with something like, “…and the Phillies have taken the first two games from the Braves. You gotta feel bad for the Braves’ players, they fought so hard today and played so well. Too bad they just got unlucky and lost this one,” or something like that.

Just an added piece of evidence to prove FOX’s disappoval of the Phillies. Whenever the Phillies’ baserunners made some sort of mistake on the basepaths, the announcers were quick to point out how “stupid” the baserunners were and how they were costing runs.

I am truly becoming sick of FOX and their coverage of Philadelphia sports. It’s disgusting how much FOX hates Philadelphia, and I am on the verge of begging FOX to never cover another Phillies game.

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