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BBA Interview With Jason From The MLB Blog

Over the weekend, we conducted an interview with Jason from The MLB Blog, a new Phillies blog in the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. Here’s what he had to say.

1. This is our standard first question – what are your thoughts on Eric Bruntlett? Continue reading


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OMG, IS THIS TRUE??????? – Bruntlett Linkage, Part I

This is what I was writing before the news exploded today that Bruntlett’s Phillies career may very well be over, thanks in large part to David Murphy from’s High Cheese blog.

It was reported a few days ago – Wednesday, to be exact – what is possibly the greatest news of all time. The greatest news ever reported in the history of news being reported. Yes, that’s right. Our boy is not coming back. Eric Bruntlett filed for free agency. So, I did a Google Blog search for “eric bruntlett,” and this is what I found: Continue reading

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Back from the DL

Hello readers. For those of you who noticed, I have been missing from To fill you in, I had gastric-bypass surgery. I am currently only allowed to eat sugar free jello and sugar free pudding. And drinking only water and diet decaf iced tea. I also get to drink protein shakes. So I am pretty much stuck chilling at home for another week as I’m not allowed to drive either.

I would like to thank Max for his expressed concern while I was in the hospital. I do apologize for my sudden disappearance from here and twitter. I am still alive though and but this up coming month will be hard for me and I may not post on here a whole lot, but here I am now.

Sitting around the house these last couple of days, I have been witnessing the Phillies post World Series loss moves. Saying adios to guys like Brett Myers and Miguel Cairo. Still trying to figure out what to do with Jamie Moyer and hopefully planning on offering Joe Blanton arbitration. But today was third baseman day. Ruban Amaro Jr. decided Pete Happy isn’t worth $5 million a year. Now there is a chance that Pedro can decide to take a pay cut for another run at a World Fucking Championship run, but its up to him to figure out if the money he would gain somewhere other than Philly is worth the value of a World Series ring.

During his two years in Philly Pedro Feliz had a batting average of .258, an OBP of .305, scored 105 runs, drove in 140 RBIs, hit 26 HRs, and had an OPS of .700. While these numbers aren’t very “wow-ing,” it was his work at 3rd base that made the Phillies one of the best fielding teams this season.

So let’s just say that Pedro decided that more money is more important another run at a ring, what do the Phillies do?

It seems that the Phillies have shown some interest in St. Louis’ Mark DeRosa. While Mark is turning 35 in February, he is a legit bat in the line-up. The great news for us here at FEB and our supporters is that DeRosa is being looked at as a great utility player, and he can play many positions on the field. Sound like a replacement for someone else we know and hate?

So if he is a utility player, then who plays 3rd? One player that has sparked my interest is Seattle’s Adrian Beltre. With a career batting average of .270 and 250 career home runs. Adrian will also be turning 35 this upcoming season and his best seasons are behind him, but he can still hold down the fort for a year or two. He also is ring hungry so joining this team could spark his talents. He’s not the glove Pedro is, but he’s not too far off. And he’s the bottom of the line-up bat that would make Uncle Charlie happy.

So while I would love to see Pedro Feliz lower his asking price a bit and come back to Philly, Adrian Beltre could be a great fit for Philadelphia.

So with this, I bid you a goodnight. For anyone who knew about my surgery and slightly worried about me, thank you. I appreciate it. Anyone can contact me at and at on twitter @TommymacWFC.

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No More Bruntlett!

Props go to Corey from We Should Be GM’s for coming up with this idea before we did – petitioning to have Bruntlett released.no_more_bruntlett

“As fans, we deserve to know if the team plans on signing Bruntlett again so that we have as many winter days as possible to find a new team to cheer for.”

Go here to sign the petition. Here’s the open letter Corey wrote to Ruben Amaro, Jr., encouraging the release of Bruntlett. Since we are Bruntlett’s official hate club, I thought it was imperative to share this with you:

“Mr. Amaro,

As passionate and sincere fans of our beloved baseball team, the Philadelphia Phillies, we feel it is our obligation to convey to you our position on a very important issue: NOT signing Eric Bruntlett.

Eric Bruntlett hit .171 this past season, which is amazingly high given his level of skill and performance for most of the season. The fact that he actually got eighteen hits is almost as amazing as you paying him $800,000 to do so. For reference, that is over $44,000 per hit. Government stimulus money is spent more efficiently than that.

Do not be fooled by the peripherals on Eric Bruntlett’s resume. Scoring the winning run in a World Series, turning an unassisted triple play and having the best beard on the team are not sufficient qualifications to earn a place on the defending National League champions.

Please do not repeat your mistake in 2009. Do not sign Eric Bruntlett.

Thank you and Best Wishes,

Fans of the Fightins”

Preaching to a choir…

We also have a new “No More Bruntlett” badge to the right. Stay tuned for more updates on Bruntlett’s status. When, not if, he gets fired, we will have the news!

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Really Late Stuff: For Your Inspiration – World Series, Game 6

Edit: I tried to write this last minute last night, and get it up if not before the game started, then before it ended. Obviously, that didn’t work, thanks in part to a ton of computer problems, being depressed by the 3rd inning, and general laziness. (Thanks, Joe West!) Pretend that I did post it last night, but you just didn’t get around to reading it until now. There, that makes everyone happy. The bolded parts are what I added. The strikethoughs are what I removed. And, just to let you know, 11 and down were (re)written today.

We realized last week that music is a great way to talk about the Phillies, thanks to Steve’s Phillies Playlist. Well, as I was combing through my iPod earlier today, I realized how many songs can describe the Phillies situation – the team that never gives up down 3-1 in the World Series. So, here goes a little motivational mini-playlist for tonight’s Game 6 from the Bronx. At the same time, I will attempt to give you as much of a game preview as you can when you’re relating the game to music. Expect complete randomness from the music and very long stretches when it comes to connecting them to the game.

1. Queen – We Are the Champions

It only makes sense to start with the song that is most true. As of this writing, the Phillies are were still the World Fucking Champions of Baseball. Don’t believe me? Chase, if you would do the honors, please…

2. Sisqo – The Thong Song

With Ben Francisco getting the start in left – Raul as the DH – and Steve mysteriously leaving this out of the Phillies Playlist, there’s no reason not to include this song. Have you ever seen anyone so obsessed with the thong?

3. Foo Fighters – My Hero

For Clifton Phifer Lee and Chase Cameron Utley, our heroes. And they most certainly are ordinary.

4. Joe Esposito – You’re the Best Around

This one I dedicate strictly to Utley, the best second-baseman in baseball. THEY’RE NOT EQUAL!!! Plus, anything from The Karate Kid is awesome, right?

5. Bruce Springsteen – Streets of Philadelphia

Here’s hoping for the streets of Philly (particularly Broad St.) to get another parade. Next year? Please???

6. The Cranberries – Ridiculous Thoughts

When us Phils fans said that they could come back from being down 3-1, everyone else said that those were ridiculous thoughts. I pray that they were wrong. They weren’t. Umpires suck. If you’re not going to be good, at least be consistent. None of the home plate umps were either good or consistent.

7. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

Never stop believing that the Phillies could win. Ever. Until the season ends, of course. Start never believing again in March.

8. Queen & David Bowie – Under Pressure

In their immortal words: “Under pressure/Causes heart attacks/Putting fans in hospitals/When Brad Lidge closes.”

9. Dave Matthews Band – Seven

The World Series is 7 games for a reason. ‘Cause you gotta win 4 of them. They did. Whatever. I’m over it by now. It’s fine that while other teams were earning championships (some two), the Yankees were busy spending 9 years buying one. And spending $1.6 BILLION to be exact. Plus, A-Fraud finally got his ring!




Also, in case I blog-hibernate for a few weeks/months this winter, can someone make sure to find a way to tell me when he finally proposes to himself?

10. Corey Hart – Never Surrender

“So if you’re lost and on you’re own, you can never surrender! And if your path won’t lead you home, you can never surrender! And when the night is cold and dark, you can see, you can see light! Cause no-one can take away your right to fight and never surrender! Never surrender!”

Plus, he shares the name with a Milwaukee Brewers outfielder, who you can say: “wears his sunglasses at night.”

11. Weezer – I’m Your Daddy

This really should have been Pedro’s official song of the World Series, but Weezer’s new Raditude album didn’t come out until Tuesday. But I would’ve loved, after those dumbass Yankees fans chanted, “Who’s your daddy?” for Pedro to shout back, “I’m your daddy!” (By the way, the album’s $3.99 on Amazon for a limited time. Just sayin’.) Come on, give it up for the Jheri Curl!

12. Dave Matthews – So Damn Lucky

Because we are so damn lucky to be fans of the Fightins now, during this amazing dynasty, in a great position for 2010. (’09 season wrap-ups and early ’10 previews to come in the coming days.)

13. U2 – Beautiful Day

Ya know, Saturday would have been a B-E-A-utiful day for Parade, Part Deux. Eh, hope the Yanks don’t lose their salaries on Wall Street!

14. Dave Matthews Band – Fool To Think

I wish I could say that I was not crazy to think that the Phils could win this series. It’s fine. I loved seeing all the douches wearing Yankee jerseys today, either the ones who never watched an inning of baseball before this World Series, or those who you know for a fact are fans of other teams and are just wearing the gear to really annoy you, or to be a bandwagon-jumper and really annoy you.

15. Vertical Horizon – You’re a God

This one is dedicated to Alex Rodriguez. In all seriousness no seriousness whatsoever, I would like to congratulate him. He sucked for 10 Octobers, admitted to using steroids in the pre-season, sat out the first month, couldn’t get a base hit to save his life, and still got a championship. See, kids? That’s a lesson for ya! You can be an egotistical douchewad and phony of epic proportions, but if at least 0.01% of the world doesn’t hate you, and you’re good at your job for 1 month of your life, you’ll be rewarded very handsomely! That’s why, A-Roid, I say this to you, with help from Vertical Horizon: “You’re a fraud, and I am not, and I just thought that you should know.”

Plus, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, from Beverly Hills 90210 (the original) and Saved By the Bell, is in the music video!

16. Bill Haley & Wheels feat. Tug Haines & T-Pain – Rock Around the Cock

The quintessential Phillies remix.

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That’s One!

Chase Utley made sure the Philadelphia Phillies would not go quietly into the night.  2 home runs in an elimination game.  5 home runs in the World Series to this point.  Tied with Reggie Jackson for most in a World Series.  Chase Utley you truly are the man!

The series goes back to New York where Pedro Martinez faces off against a gassed Andy Pettite.  As I wrote earlier, Pedro is here for a reason, and Game 6 is that reason.

Let’s go Phils!

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Just before midnight on November 1st, the city of Philadelphia let out a collective groan. The inning that Brad Lidge had started so well was ending in flames at the hands of the hated Alex Rodriguez. Just an inning earlier Pedro Feliz had tied the game on a monster home run. Everything seemed right in the world. Brad Lidge came in and quickly got Hideki Matsui and Derek Jeter out. He got 2 strikes on Johnny Damon. Then it stayed at two strikes. Damon fouled off pitch after pitch, denying Lidge the redemption he so desperately wanted for his terrible season. Damon fought him off and slapped a single into left field. A few minutes later 3 runs had scored and the city of Philadelphia was in a state of shock and the Yankees took a 3-1 series lead.

Game 4 was one of the most emotionally draining losses that I’ve ever encountered. It temporarily erased all the good Phils vibes that I’ve had over the past year. The thought of watching Game 5 made me physically ill. The old Philly fan neuroticism snuck in and made me question why I even thought the Phillies could repeat in the first place. Was it is a devastating loss? No questions asked. Was it a killing blow? No sir, it was not.

Sure the Phils are down, but they’re sure as hell not out. You need four wins to win the World Series. The Yankees have won 3 in a row, why can’t us?

Our great hope Clifton Phifer Lee pitches tonight against A.J. Burnett, who is going on short rest. This is very winnable.

Pedro Martinez would presumably pitch Game 6 if things play out right. I think Pedro’s here for a reason. A Game 6 victory in New York couldn’t be more appropriate.

If we make it that far Game 7 will be a total team effort against a gassed CC Sabathia.

If anyone can do it, it’s the Phillies.

This is not a series for the weak of heart. I kindly ask that you bandwagoners abandon ship, we have no more room for your kind.

To hell with the celebrities! To hell with the pundits! To hell with New York! Nobody sticks Philly in a corner! LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!!

We can’t sit idly by and let these douche bags take this. If New York wants this title they’ll have to rip it from the Phillies’ cold dead hands! If you’re going to Game 5 you need to be louder than you’ve ever been! Nothing is over! This is a best of seven series for a reason. Keep the phaith folks, ya gotta believe!

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