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Closer Roundtable, Round II

As you may remember, I asked for thoughts on the closer situation last month on Twitter. I finally got around to posting it last week, but I didn’t really feel like I did it justice, since it was so late after the time I started it. So, I e-mailed back the participants, and asked them a few Phillies- and closer-related questions. Again, our players are David Foley and Kieran Kelly from Phinally Philly, author Allen Schatz, and tweeter Sara Scott. Jump to read the Qs & As. Continue reading


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The Phillies Closer Roundtable

And now for another post that I should have put up weeks ago…

It has probably been the most debatable question regarding the Phillies this season. “Who should be the closer?” Everyone has a different opinion, it seems, and each opinion has its own fair share of valid points. But who is right? (BTW, most of these e-mails were written around September 12, so take that into account, too. We might do another before the playoffs start next week.) Click to read a wide array of thoughts on the hot topic going to the playoffs, at least here in Philly. Continue reading

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