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Hello readers. For those of you who noticed, I have been missing from To fill you in, I had gastric-bypass surgery. I am currently only allowed to eat sugar free jello and sugar free pudding. And drinking only water and diet decaf iced tea. I also get to drink protein shakes. So I am pretty much stuck chilling at home for another week as I’m not allowed to drive either.

I would like to thank Max for his expressed concern while I was in the hospital. I do apologize for my sudden disappearance from here and twitter. I am still alive though and but this up coming month will be hard for me and I may not post on here a whole lot, but here I am now.

Sitting around the house these last couple of days, I have been witnessing the Phillies post World Series loss moves. Saying adios to guys like Brett Myers and Miguel Cairo. Still trying to figure out what to do with Jamie Moyer and hopefully planning on offering Joe Blanton arbitration. But today was third baseman day. Ruban Amaro Jr. decided Pete Happy isn’t worth $5 million a year. Now there is a chance that Pedro can decide to take a pay cut for another run at a World Fucking Championship run, but its up to him to figure out if the money he would gain somewhere other than Philly is worth the value of a World Series ring.

During his two years in Philly Pedro Feliz had a batting average of .258, an OBP of .305, scored 105 runs, drove in 140 RBIs, hit 26 HRs, and had an OPS of .700. While these numbers aren’t very “wow-ing,” it was his work at 3rd base that made the Phillies one of the best fielding teams this season.

So let’s just say that Pedro decided that more money is more important another run at a ring, what do the Phillies do?

It seems that the Phillies have shown some interest in St. Louis’ Mark DeRosa. While Mark is turning 35 in February, he is a legit bat in the line-up. The great news for us here at FEB and our supporters is that DeRosa is being looked at as a great utility player, and he can play many positions on the field. Sound like a replacement for someone else we know and hate?

So if he is a utility player, then who plays 3rd? One player that has sparked my interest is Seattle’s Adrian Beltre. With a career batting average of .270 and 250 career home runs. Adrian will also be turning 35 this upcoming season and his best seasons are behind him, but he can still hold down the fort for a year or two. He also is ring hungry so joining this team could spark his talents. He’s not the glove Pedro is, but he’s not too far off. And he’s the bottom of the line-up bat that would make Uncle Charlie happy.

So while I would love to see Pedro Feliz lower his asking price a bit and come back to Philly, Adrian Beltre could be a great fit for Philadelphia.

So with this, I bid you a goodnight. For anyone who knew about my surgery and slightly worried about me, thank you. I appreciate it. Anyone can contact me at and at on twitter @TommymacWFC.


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Live Chat of GAME ONE of the NLDS… come join us

Click Here

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When the Spotlight’s On…

The Phillies closer situation is very much in limbo right now. If the Phillies have a 3 run lead or less going into their defensive half of the 9th inning, its anyone’s guess as to who is going to be coming into the game. Four nights ago it was Brad Lidge, but once he loaded the bases Uncle Cholly did the unthinkable and pulled Lidge out. He brought in Ryan “Mad Dog” Madson and the following night, he went to Madson as well.

After the game Charlie hinted to his “Closer by committee” theory, and that he didn’t care who it was in the role as long as they got the win. However, this theory can’t stand if the Phillies want any chance at winning the World Series again.

Last year’s playoff success was due to that amazing bullpen and that each person had a role and succeeded in their role. If the starters struggled is wasn’t that big of a deal. No starter needed to go longer than 6 innings because Romero, Madson, and Lidge each pitched awesomely. The Phillies were able to “shorten the game.” Basically the opposition had 6 innings to take the lead and hold it or they were in for a loss. It was no wonder the Phillies only lost 3 games in the whole 2008 playoffs. But if they want to be back- to-back World Fucking Champions, they are going to have to figure out this closer thing once and for all.

Now, my name is Tommy Weida. I have been a Philadelphia Phillies fans for all of my 23 years of existance. I have sat through closers like Mitch Williams, Heathcliff Slocumb, and Jose Mesa. (Side bar story: I once had Heathcliff Slocumb’s autograph. My dad took me to get it when he came to the area. I loved that thing. I had little baseball display case for it and everything. Then, like 2 weeks after I got it, I must have left it on my bed before going to school in the morning and my dog, Tigger, chewed the ball up. The autograph was ruined. I guess I own the smartest dog in the world. Okay, back to the blog).

I was excited when the Phillies got Billy Wagner and I saw his first save as a Phillie live. He hit 99 mph twice in a row. His 3rd pitch only went 98. This cool old guy in front of me turned around and said, “he must have thrown the change-up.” I was not quite as excited when the Phillies got Lidge, but he quickly proved me wrong.

So what’s my proposed solution to the closer situation? Well let me tell you:

This is MY ideal playoff set up. A four man rotation of Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, J.A. Happ, and right now its a toss up between Martinez and Blanton. As of this moment, I would go with Martinez, but I feel really uncomfortable writing off Blanton, a man I have could argue should have won the 2008 World Series MVP. So whoever loses out will join Moyer, Condrey, Durbin, Park, Eyre, Romero, Madson, Myers and Lidge in the bullpen. I wrote that list in no particular order so don’t think I did.

Moyer, Condrey, Durbin, Park and the loser of the Blanton/Martinez battle will be the mop up guys. you know, the guys that come in the game when down or up by 5 or more runs. If the starter goes 6 innings and the pressure is on in a close game, I’d go with J.C. Romero in the 7th. He held that role last year and did a great job at it. In the 8th I would go with the pairing of Madson/Lidge. They would be used based on matchups with whoever was coming up to bat.

So if you have been keeping track, I have left out two guys. I’m gonna start with Scott Eyre. He hold a very crucial position in the bullpen; left-handed specialist. He’s there to get those tough left handed batters out. He’s earned that position and can be used pretty much anywhere between the 7th and 8th inning.

So now there is one guy left that I haven’t mentioned; Brett Myers. Yes folks, he is my choice for closer. If there is anyone in that bullpen that is only fueled by adrenaline, it’s Brett Myers. no one will get more energy from the spotlight. He’s done it before, and he’s succeeded. Is his hip good enough? Come October, that won’t matter. It won’t effect him once the spotlight is on. Kind of like the old lady lifting the car.

I love Lidge, and thank him for everything he did for us last year, but its clear to see that he just doesn’t have it this year. It is just like it happened to him in Houston, only this time he didn’t give up a monster home run to Pujols. I still feel he can greatly help this team, just so long as he’s not the last line of defense.

So this is how I feel about the closer role. I’m not sure if this is how it will shake up, but one thing I do know is that Charlie needs to set up for the post season and ditch the “closer by committee” theory. It was great to see Uncle Cholly prove he has balls when he pulled Lidge the other night. Now he needs to go one step further and finalize a bullpen without Lidge as the closer.

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So that just happened….

39,038 can lay claim that they witnessed the greatest game in Eric Bruntlett’s career. He had 3 hits and the first game ended unnassisted triple play since the 1920’s. So the question is to be asked, is this the turning point for Eric Bruntlett?

As a Die-hard Phillies fan for the last 20 years, I’m gonna have to say no. Some of my followers on twitter and our facebook fans know that I stated that “even Adam Eaton pitched well once and awhile.”  Now, he earned his World Series ring fair and square and he made some great plays today, but after his three singles, he popped out to the infield and had a liner to center snagged for the out.

Before the game today, the Phillies placed Greg Dobbs on the DL and called up Eric Bruntlett’s eventual replacement Miguel Cairo. Cairo is a career .265 hitter with 318 career RBIs. Ciaro’s best offensive year was 2004 when he was with the New York Yankees. He batted .292 with a .703 OPS. He hit 6 HRs and 42 RBIs. In 1998 he had 28 steals with the Tampa Bay Rays. Last season he was in Seattle with Ibanez. So while he’s a traveled veteran, he has gotten the job done before.

We here at FireEricBruntlett aren’t dening the fact that Eric Bruntlett had a great offensive game today. But if we remember the only reason those two men were on base for that triple play is because Bruntlett had an error and should have had another one. So even in the best game of his career, Bruntlett let his true colors shine through. I’m glad the Phillies got the win and I’ll take it by any means necessary. Let’s just not let this one go to our heads.

As of right now, Eric Bruntlett is scheduled to start in place of SS Jimmy Rollins tomorrow. So we will see if his new found ability to hit can carry into the next day.

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We are staying right here…

As you may have read on our page, or on twitter, or he probably called you to brag about it, Max is officially taking a subaticle from fireericbruntlett, but rest asure that he is the only one.

Steve and I are willing and able to continue our fight for the firing of Eric Bruntlett.

Also, if you haven’t taken notice yet, we have launched a Fire Eric Bruntlett facebook page. So as we lose a writer we expand our horizons and reach out to others to hate Eric Bruntlett as much as we do. As we get closer and closer to the playoffs we will be having more live game chats and more Beardcaps. So follow us on Twitter and Facebook and chat with us when we have live game chats.

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Live Game Chat…..

Here we go people… at 7:30 we will be going live and chatting all the way through the end of the Phillies/Braves game. Come join us and hate on ESPN’s baseball coverage

Click Here

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The world champion Braves???????

Once again FOX has gone overboard with their broadcast.

One misplay by Utley, a double error by Lidge and then a seeing eye single past Rollins, and the FOX announcers act like the Braves won the World Series. “The Braves’ never quit,” was said with rather excitement. All the sudden the Phillies lost all momentum and the Braves are the favorites in the N.L. East. I swear FOX just prays for the Phillies to lose so they don’t have to come there anymore.

I may be wrong. It might be just me, but I am so sick of FOX’s overreaction to Phillies’ losses. Let’s say that ball was grabbed by Rollins and turned into a double play, the FOX announcer would have probably just wrapped up the game with something like, “…and the Phillies have taken the first two games from the Braves. You gotta feel bad for the Braves’ players, they fought so hard today and played so well. Too bad they just got unlucky and lost this one,” or something like that.

Just an added piece of evidence to prove FOX’s disappoval of the Phillies. Whenever the Phillies’ baserunners made some sort of mistake on the basepaths, the announcers were quick to point out how “stupid” the baserunners were and how they were costing runs.

I am truly becoming sick of FOX and their coverage of Philadelphia sports. It’s disgusting how much FOX hates Philadelphia, and I am on the verge of begging FOX to never cover another Phillies game.

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Phils vs. Cubs Game 3

We are conducting another live game chat during the Phils game on August 13th, 2009. We will start at 1:30 in the afternoon. So come join us as we watch Cliff Lee make his third start with the Phillies.

Phils @ Cubs Gm 3

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Thrown out in Center, Flied out to short…

So yesterday’s Phillies game turned out to be most likely the worst game of the season. With questions about the rotation looming over the club, Jamie Moyer got bloop singled to death. Moyer, who usually owns the Marlins just couldn’t get guys out. I do have to give credit to the Marlins and their hitting coach. They relized that they needed to find a way to beat Jamie Moyer and they did exactly that. They didn’t drive the ball very well, but that is hard to do when you are getting jammed all day. But they did figure out how to turn the inside pitches into bloop singles. And slowly but surely they tacked on 3 runs.

This is when all Hell broke loose.  In the bottom of the sixth inning, Ryan Howard got rung up on a very questionable strike call. Ed Rapuano was the man behind the plate and when the top of the 7th rolled around, he was heated. After another questionable call, this time a pitch from Lopez called a ball, Victorino, who was playing CF at the time, through his arms up in the air in disgust. Rapuano saw him, pointed at him, and then tossed him from the game.

“I’ve got to hold myself accountable,” said Victorino after the Phillies’ horrible 12-3 loss. “It’s not something that you should be doing, but I’ve done it 1,000 times this year. It’s not the first time — and I’m not trying to show anybody up. Just things got built up from the half-inning before that, and it’s just one of those things I let my emotions get the best of me.”

Victorino was confused at first when he was tossed, but once he figured it out, he quickly sprinted in to the home plate area and let Rapuano have a piece of his mind. “I was like, ‘OK, I might as well get my money’s worth, I’m gone,'” Victorino said. “I definitely had no intention of touching him or anything like that. Both Victorino and Rapuano said that there was no contact between the two of them, so there shouldn’t be any suspensions handed down.

After all the craziness, the teams got back to baseball and Lopez and the Phillies played there way out of a comeback. Werth, who came in for Victorino after the ejection, misplayed a liner to centerfield with the bases loaded and all 3 runners ended up scoring.

So there was too much that could have made this game worse, but then as I sat on my couch in the living room, I heard the dreadful sentence, “So Eric Bruntlett is gonna bat for the pitcher.” Quickly I tweeted, “Oh no… the beard is in.” and quickly into the at bat Bruntlett flied out to the short stop. So my first tweet was quickly followed by, “and he flies out… shocker.”

So the Phillies have off today as they travel to Chicago for a 3-game series with the Cubs. Thursday’s game is a day game and we at will be hosting another live game chat. So feel free to stop by and join us for some fun chatter as we watch the Phillies and Cubs.

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My turn to explain…

Dear Eric Bruntlett:

What’s it like to be you? While your sitting on the bench, do you really hope that maybe you’ll get into the game? I got a hand it to ya, the other night you hit a nice double. But honestly, you make 800,000 dollars a year. When you get home after a game in which you pinch hit and strike out, do you feel deserving?

To put this in perspective, if you worked at McDonald’s, someone would order a chicken salad and you would give them napkins and a cup. Maybe one lucky day you might give them some croutons, but they will never get the full salad. I mean, I don’t know how they let you put the uniform on. You are batting .133. How are you only batting .133? You strike out twice as many times as you get a hit. That’s worse than Ryan Howard.

I mean, I never thought I’d say this, but knowing you’re on the team makes me miss Ricky Ledee. Remember him? Maybe other Phillies fans do. He hit .238 while he was on the team. He had 121 hits in 2003 with the Phillies, you haven’t had many hits the whole time you’ve been here.

Everytime McCarthy and Sarge/Wheels start talking about a pitcher been pinch hit for I fear that you are gonna get into the game. Seeing you last season in the playoffs was fun. Your beard was epic in October. But it can no longer cover your bad baseball ability.

As the others said, I really have no problem with you as a person, but as a baseball player, you suck. So I hope everytime you get home at night and look at yourself in the mirror and comb your beard you realize that you are robbing the Phillies of $800,000. Sleep well Eric.


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