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Chase Utley made sure the Philadelphia Phillies would not go quietly into the night.  2 home runs in an elimination game.  5 home runs in the World Series to this point.  Tied with Reggie Jackson for most in a World Series.  Chase Utley you truly are the man!

The series goes back to New York where Pedro Martinez faces off against a gassed Andy Pettite.  As I wrote earlier, Pedro is here for a reason, and Game 6 is that reason.

Let’s go Phils!


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Just before midnight on November 1st, the city of Philadelphia let out a collective groan. The inning that Brad Lidge had started so well was ending in flames at the hands of the hated Alex Rodriguez. Just an inning earlier Pedro Feliz had tied the game on a monster home run. Everything seemed right in the world. Brad Lidge came in and quickly got Hideki Matsui and Derek Jeter out. He got 2 strikes on Johnny Damon. Then it stayed at two strikes. Damon fouled off pitch after pitch, denying Lidge the redemption he so desperately wanted for his terrible season. Damon fought him off and slapped a single into left field. A few minutes later 3 runs had scored and the city of Philadelphia was in a state of shock and the Yankees took a 3-1 series lead.

Game 4 was one of the most emotionally draining losses that I’ve ever encountered. It temporarily erased all the good Phils vibes that I’ve had over the past year. The thought of watching Game 5 made me physically ill. The old Philly fan neuroticism snuck in and made me question why I even thought the Phillies could repeat in the first place. Was it is a devastating loss? No questions asked. Was it a killing blow? No sir, it was not.

Sure the Phils are down, but they’re sure as hell not out. You need four wins to win the World Series. The Yankees have won 3 in a row, why can’t us?

Our great hope Clifton Phifer Lee pitches tonight against A.J. Burnett, who is going on short rest. This is very winnable.

Pedro Martinez would presumably pitch Game 6 if things play out right. I think Pedro’s here for a reason. A Game 6 victory in New York couldn’t be more appropriate.

If we make it that far Game 7 will be a total team effort against a gassed CC Sabathia.

If anyone can do it, it’s the Phillies.

This is not a series for the weak of heart. I kindly ask that you bandwagoners abandon ship, we have no more room for your kind.

To hell with the celebrities! To hell with the pundits! To hell with New York! Nobody sticks Philly in a corner! LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!!

We can’t sit idly by and let these douche bags take this. If New York wants this title they’ll have to rip it from the Phillies’ cold dead hands! If you’re going to Game 5 you need to be louder than you’ve ever been! Nothing is over! This is a best of seven series for a reason. Keep the phaith folks, ya gotta believe!

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The Phillies came, the Phillies saw, and the Phillies conquered Game 1 of the World Series winning 6-1 over the New York Yankees.  Cliff Lee pitched a complete game and allowed 0 earned runs.  Chase Utley provided all the offense the Phillies needed, hitting two solo shots off of the supposedly unhittable Charles Carsten Sabathia.  While CC was sweating enough to fill a small swimming pool (in 50 degree weather no less!) Cliff Lee absolutely owned everyone not named Jeter in the Yankees lineup.  Amazing win by the Fightin’ Phils and an even better way to start the World Series!

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Phillies Playlist

The mp3 player has to be one of my favorite inventions ever.  I’m constantly making playlists for it and with all the Phillies madness of late, I’ve been thinking of my perfect Phillies playlist.  I’ve got songs that remind of the awesomeness of the Phils and pump me up for gametime.  I’ve also got songs that I associate with the players.  For the most part with the players I chose their batting music, however with some of them their music wasn’t quite my taste so I chose something I found appropriate for them.  I got most of the imporant players but I got tired of posting stuff and went to bed (no lie, maybe I should have started posting this before midnight…I know I’m brilliant).  I’m still looking for a good Pedro Martinez and J.A. Happ songs among others.  The playlist as it stands is  what I’ll be listening to at work today to bide my time before World Series Game 1.

Post your suggestions/what music you use to get in the perfect mood for the Phils below!

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NL Champs

Ladies and gentlemen, your Philadelphia Phillies are going back to the World Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brett Myers tries to get some post game love and is denied:

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Just got word from Andy Martino over at Phillies Zone that the one and only Eric Bruntlett might be back on the postseason roster for the NLCS.  This sums up our reaction pretty well:

Say it ain’t so Charlie!

Update (from Max): To further prove our point about what an atrocity this is, we have this piece of “fan art” from loyal Bruntlett-hater Sara Scott (aka @sescott51):


Tomorrow, look for a full NLCS preview, FEB-style. Ya’ll know what that means! With Beardo back in the house, we’re recapping all the “Points of Beard,” what everyone’s saying about this incredibly tragic news. Beard lovers, we’re coming after you!

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Mission Accomplished

Beardo Postcard

The wise and mighty Charlie Manuel has made the decision to put Miguel Cairo on the postseason roster and leave Eric Bruntlett at home to cry in his beard.  Now we know that Old Beardo’s not a bad guy and had some luck in the last postseason, but this was absolutely the right call by Charlie.  It’s been a long season full of a couple ups and a ton of downs for Eric Bruntlett.  His season highlights include the first game of the season, in which he went 1 for 1 and after which he was batting 1.000 and the famous unassisted triple play, which almost destroyed this blog.  Of course Bruntlett set himself up for that triple play…but every dog has its day and we’ll certainly let this one savor that day, especially because it was against the Mets.  Bruntlett might have some other season highlights that I can in no way recall, but you can view them here if you’re interested.

Now onto the bad.  Let’s look at Bruntlett’s final numbers:

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Breaking News: Bruntlett Fired! (sort of)

It’s a glorious day fellow Bruntlett haters! Earlier today the Phillies announced that Eric Bruntlett would not be on the roster for the NLDS! Rejoice fellow Bruntlett haters for our time is now! Huzzah!

There is more awesome to come later but in the meantime we’d like to thank Miguel Cairo and Ben Francisco for making this all possible. You guys are pretty good, and pretty good is always better than terrible.

Happy Victory over Bruntlett Day!

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Weekend at Beardo’s

I had good fortune to get to attend two of the last 4 regular season Phillies games.  I did not however have the good fortune to see a game that mattered and thus had to suffer through not one, but TWO starts by Eric Bruntlett.

Beardo's in the cards for the day!

Beardo's in the cards for the day!

I of course was horrified to find this out considering I hate Beardo almost as much as I hate reality television. (Steve’s hate: Beardo < Reality TV < New York Mets)  The only bright side of this would be that I’d more or less get to do a live Beardcap (and I am fully aware I have not done a Beardcap in a while).  These starts were actually very important for Bruntlett as the Phillies are still in the process of choosing their postseason roster.

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BBA Interview

Hola everyone!  Steve (Estebomb) recently did an interview over at C70 At The Bat regarding the Phillies’ postseason chances!  Check it out at:

Check it out and let Steve know how stupid he is!

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