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Beardo Postcard

The wise and mighty Charlie Manuel has made the decision to put Miguel Cairo on the postseason roster and leave Eric Bruntlett at home to cry in his beard.  Now we know that Old Beardo’s not a bad guy and had some luck in the last postseason, but this was absolutely the right call by Charlie.  It’s been a long season full of a couple ups and a ton of downs for Eric Bruntlett.  His season highlights include the first game of the season, in which he went 1 for 1 and after which he was batting 1.000 and the famous unassisted triple play, which almost destroyed this blog.  Of course Bruntlett set himself up for that triple play…but every dog has its day and we’ll certainly let this one savor that day, especially because it was against the Mets.  Bruntlett might have some other season highlights that I can in no way recall, but you can view them here if you’re interested.

Now onto the bad.  Let’s look at Bruntlett’s final numbers:

72 105 15 18 25 7 0 0 7 5 0 26 2 0 .171 .224 .238 .462 0.76

Ouch.  Those aren’t pretty to say the least.  Bruntlett only had 2 more RBIs than Cole Hamels.  To further put this in perspective Ben Francisco, John Mayberry, Paul Bako, and Matt Stairs were all more productive at the plate in less at bats.  On top of that, Bruntlett’s defense and versatility is supposedly his strong suit, but the Phillies found better players to back up in both the outfield and infield.  The only other player who produced sighs from the fans as much as Bruntlett this season was Brad Lidge, and he gets off easy here because I know he’s got talent buried somewhere in that crazy head of his.

We can all admit that Bruntlett’s funny and good for a laugh.  We can all admit that he works hard and seems like a nice guy.  He’s practically the Phillies’ backup mascot!  That doesn’t change the fact that he’s a terrible baseball player and I couldn’t be happier to here that he’s been left off of the postseason roster.  Bruntlett hasn’t been fired yet, but he’s on his way with this demotion.  We here at Fire Eric Bruntlett won’t stop fighting the good fight so long as Beardo remains on the Philadelphia Phillies.

Goodbye Beardo (thanks to Tug Haines from The Fightins for the pic)

Goodbye Beardo (thanks to Tug Haines from The Fightins for the pic)

Now what’s more appropriate for to bid Beardo adieu?  “The Lonely Man” from the 70s Incredible Hulk series or keyboard cat?  Let’s do both!


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  1. Everyone should play the two videos at the same time, it’s awesome.

    Comment by estebomb | October 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. Adios Bearded one. I hope he invests that $800,000 wisely, it may be the last dime he ever makes from baseball. I haven’t seen a stat sheet like that since Steve Jeltz tortured us all in the mid 80’s.

    Comment by Veterans Terror | October 10, 2009 | Reply

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