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Weekend at Beardo’s

I had good fortune to get to attend two of the last 4 regular season Phillies games.  I did not however have the good fortune to see a game that mattered and thus had to suffer through not one, but TWO starts by Eric Bruntlett.

Beardo's in the cards for the day!

Beardo's in the cards for the day!

I of course was horrified to find this out considering I hate Beardo almost as much as I hate reality television. (Steve’s hate: Beardo < Reality TV < New York Mets)  The only bright side of this would be that I’d more or less get to do a live Beardcap (and I am fully aware I have not done a Beardcap in a while).  These starts were actually very important for Bruntlett as the Phillies are still in the process of choosing their postseason roster.

Thursday October 1, 2009

Bruntlett went 0-5 starting for Chase Utley at 2nd base.  He  struck out three times and was just as disappointing as expected.  The crowd gave him a few boos, which is better than anything he would have gotten at the Vet.  On the bright side I got a kid to be more vicious to Beardo than even I was (he called him Chubby).  It was a disappointing night in general as the Phils turned in a lazy performance but made things slightly interesting by scoring 2 in the bottom of the ninth, losing 5-3.  Miguel Cairo went 1-2 in relief of Jimmy Rollins.

Sunday October 4, 2009

Bruntlett did significantly better, going 2 for 4 with an RBI and a stolen base.  WHOA!  I have to hand it to our little bearded man, he had a nice game starting at shortstop for Jimmy Rollins.  I had to show him some respect, no matter how much I may dislike him.

Reluctant Respect

Reluctant Respect

HOWEVER our real hero Miguel Cairo also started this game, playing at 2nd base in place of his greatness Chase Utley.  Cairo also went 2-4 with an RBI but he also had a sort of inside the park homerun (huzzah for throwing the ball into your own dugout).  Interesting.

I’m happy to report I survived two Bruntlett starts in less than a week.  It was tough, but I made it.

The Phillies have yet to decide on a final postseason roster.  While most people are concentrating on the pitching, we here at Fire Eric Bruntlett are concerned about the infield.  The 2009 Phillies don’t need Eric Bruntlett to repeat as World Champions, Miguel Cairo will handle the infield needs and Ben Francisco will handle the outfield needs more sufficiently than Beardo could ever hope to.  Make the right choice Charlie.

We’ll be making our final case sometime tomorrow (unless Charlie beats us to the punch), so look out for that, same Beard time, same Beard channel.

Bruntlett Fact:

Eric Bruntlett’s ultimate goal in life before he dies is to attend the Kentucky Derby.  Shooting high there Beardo…


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