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The Ben Francisco Treat

Ruben Amaro pulled off a fantastic trade a couple of weeks ago for Cleveland Indians ace Cliff Lee. He managed to get a top pitcher without giving away any of our top three prospects and got to keep rookie of the year candidate J.A. Happ. But wait, there’s more! Amaro ordered within the right time frame and the Indians threw in a right handed utility outfielder at no extra cost! What a bargain!

The Phillies addressed a major need as they needed a backup outfielder. The current backups just couldn’t cut it in that spot on a regular basis (see Raul Ibanez’s injury). Equally as important is that they finally have a decent hitting right handed bat off the bench.

But do you know the best thing about this pickup? Ben Francisco’s arrival has severely limited Eric Bruntlett’s playing time.

Bruntlett has never been more expendable. There’s no need for him in the outfield because Francisco, Greg Dobbs, and Matt Stairs are all better backup options. First and third base are usually Dobbs’ territory when the need for a backup comes. The only place for Bruntlett to back up now is 2nd base and shortstop. I don’t imagine he’ll be playing much in those positions down the stretch barring an injury or a blowout. Last time I checked he can’t catch or pitch (He can’t do those right? Please tell me he can’t do those!), so it might finally be time for the Phillies to say sayonara to our bearded friend.

Thank you Ben Francisco, you’re currently this blog’s MVP.


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