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There's only one Bruntober

Beardcap 8-12-09

What Did Beardo Do:

To lead off the top of the 8th inning, he lined out to second, because in the home half of the 7th, he cam in as a “defensive” substitution. He also showed his defensive prowess in the 9th inning, when he misplayed a ball and let it skip away from him, eventually allowing two runs to score. Take a look at the screen grabs below.




Had the ball been played correctly, it could potentially been a game-ending double play, or at worst, the second out, and likely, the final would have been 12-3. But that’s what you get with Beardo!

Did the Phils lose? Was it Bruntlett’s fault?

This is actually our first Beardcap in which the Phils won, which is weird, because it seems like Bruntlett uses each appearance to ruin the game for the Fightins. In any case, had the Phils lost, but Weirdo Beardo still lined out and committed the error, there’s no doubt in my mind the loss could’ve blamed entirely on him.

Bruntlett Fact:

The only reason Charlie used Brunt in the first place was because he felt bad for his friend, Cubs manager Lou Piniella, that the Phils were beating up his pitching staff so badly. (You can totally see them going out for beers and yelling at umps together, right?) So, Cholly put Bruntlett in to help Chicago’s pitching get an easy out and score a couple runs back to give the offense a confidence boost.


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