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Phillies v. Rockies Live Blog Wrap-Up

In case you missed it, we live blogged yesterday’s Phils 3-1 win over the Rockies, in which Cliff Lee made his first start in Philadelphia, and made it special. He struck out 9 through 7 innings, giving up 6 hits and 1 run, while walking 1.

Update: I give up trying to put the chat in this post, things don’t want to work for me today. Just click here.

Vote in some polls about the Phillies and the game after the jump.

There were a few polls that I thought were interesting, and I wanted to re-post them here.

Poll #1: Naturally, there was some Paul Bako-hating during the game (before he homered, of course) and even some talk that we should start a Yeah, that’s gonna have to wait a while.

Poll #2: In Wednesday’s game, after hitting his 3-run homer, Jayson Werth set a career high for RBIs with 69. He is also 1 shy of his career high for HRs with 23. So, I was thinking when he came up to bat yesterday, “How high can he go? Each of the past two seasons (this season and last) he has set new career highs for homers and RBIs. (Or at least he will this season.) Can he get to 30/100? How far?”

Poll #3: Everybody loves Eric Bruntlett jokes! And Adam Eaton jokes, too.

Also, another fun thing we did in the chat was rank the 6 choices and Bruntlett in terms of what we think they’re batting average would be.

Poll #4: This is just a straight-up torture joke. Tommy kept on saying how much he hates listening to Sarge during the game, so I used that, and other things that might be used to torture someone.

A couple things I need to explain about this one:

You are not watching Hilary Duff. You can only listen to her.

T.O. is only talking about himself and how rich and great he is. If you’d like, you can think of it as 10 hours of his reality show.

The sixth choice, Cowherd and Bayless was changed from Howard Eskin’s radio show. I wanted to include more universally-hated blowhards, instead of just Philadelphia blowhards.

Tim McCarver wasn’t in the chat poll, but I figure if listening to him for an inning is torture, what’s 3 games in a row like?

This is another one you can rank in terms of what you’d rather listen to from most to least.

Poll #5: This poll wasn’t actually submitted in time by the end of the game, but I think it was an interesting question, so I’ll ask it again.

If you would like to rank either of the polls 3-5, please do so in the comments section below.

Update: Sorry for the polls running over the sides of the boxes. The poll service didn’t seem to work for me today.


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